Kevin Carr Is a World Record breaking Athlete, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Coach

He is currently writing the book:

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 Mountain Marathon Man

– Confessions Of The Fastest Runner Around The World

An incredible true account of one of the greatest expeditions of all time.


The scale of this challenge didn’t go unnoticed – Kevin was awarded a place on the 2015 ‘Happy List’ – envisaged as an antidote to the ‘rich list’, the Happy list celebrates the inspirational heroes and heroines whose kindness, ingenuity and bravery makes Britain a better place to live.  He also set two – World Records:

  • The Fastest Man Around The World

  • The First Person to Circumnavigate the world on-foot-unsupported.

Kevin Who lives Devon, England – the UK – is available internationally for Motivational Speaking and currently has very limited availability for Online-Coaching.


The 9th of April 2015, Kevin Carr reached Haytor Dartmoor – the exact same spot that he’d left some 621 days earlier.  Continually running Eastwards he ran coast to coast across four continents  and one sub continent- closing a loop around the world.  

Running 16,300 Miles through 26 countries he ran the equivalent of 622 full marathons.  Twice entering the Arctic region, running and camping in temperatures as low as -31 Celsius, he climbed the Andes Mountains some 12,000ft high and ran through Canyons facing scorching temperatures well over 50 degrees Celsius. Unsupported – this entailed pushing various carts (at times weighing more than his own body weight, when food and water provisions had to be carried across the desert)

It’s impossible to grasp the enormity of this expedition – to try to put it into scale, let’s compare it to a well known expedition- hiking to the North Pole – This mainly consist of walking, very slowly for approximately six weeks.

The world run expedition – entailed running (not walking) for 88 weeks vs Walking for six weeks the two are barely comparable.

Kevin is currently writing the book:


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How do you build the unstoppable?

– That’s the question Kevin Carr faced when he decided to attempt one of the toughest expeditions of all time.

In 2015 Kevin became the first person to SOLO the world

The strategies Kevin implemented in order to be able to – single handedly take on the world ( Running a 16,300 Mile circumnavigation of our planet across five continents –  with no support crew) combined with lessons learnt and refined on the road – is what he shares with your team when you hire him to speak at your next event.

How do you build the mindset and physical stamina (in your spare time) necessary, to be capable of literally ‘Taking on the world?’

How do you build unstoppable determination – yet remain flexible enough to rapidly handle unforeseen hurdles along the route.  (Flooding, changes in border control laws, wild dogs, bear attacks etc!)

Can you honestly think of  many things more daunting or demanding than running more than a marathon a day every day for more than 600 days straight, in temperatures ranging from -31C to plus 55C?

Easy – Imagine facing the mental stress of sleeping rough?  Hiding in your sleeping bag or tent behind hedges, under bridges or on the side of roads in Arctic, then later Desert climes? Imagine having to do this in dozens of countries where you can’t understand the local tongue.

Cultivating the habits necessary to handle stress and continuing to perform at your peak under such conditions is the cornerstone of success in any expedition and any great challenge we face.  
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The fastest man around the world speaking at your school for less than a hundred pounds – how?

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“I’m currently the fastest man around the world, one of the strongest endurance athletes of my generation.  This isn’t the result of winning the genetic lottery – until the age of 15 I was the smallest pupil in a mixed school with over 1,200 pupils, noticeably underdeveloped for my age. During college I became clinically depressed – after receiving medication since proven to be completely unsuitable for adolescents (increasing suicidal idealisation by over 400%) – I made a very serious attempt at my own life, I was very fortunate to survive.

When you hire me to speak at your school I share with your pupils – the strategies I used to rebuild my self confidence, then develop the physical and mental strength necessary to become the first person in History to literally ‘take on the world’ solo”.

Kevin believes fees for schools – set by speakers Bureaus are out of the reach of the majority of schools.  As such he developed the ‘Multi-School-Speaker-Program’ this enables you to book a truly inspirational speaker for your school or college for a tiny fraction of those set by the Bureaus.
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Online Coaching with Kevin Carr 

 Every runners schedule and life commitments differ greatly, most of us have to fit our running goals around many other responsibilities, that’s why cookie-cutter programs found in magazines will often fail to get you into race shape. 

In-fact they’re more likely to get you injured if you follow them as if written in stone, running a ‘hard session’ when you know you’re feeling stressed/tired or under the weather, just because ‘day 5’ of ‘week 9’ was scheduled as an interval-session… Well, that’s just asking for trouble!

Your training needs to be planned with your goals in mind, it has to fit around your schedule and commitments , most importantly it must at times be rapidly adjusted in order to avoid over-training or under recovery, this is where having someone adjust your training plan on a weekly or even twice weekly basis can really shine – injury prevention.

We’re all guilty of occasionally pushing too hard too often, most of us don’t need a coach screaming at us, demanding that we push harder, but rather someone to give us permission to take a ‘guilt free’ easy day or even an easy week – in order to fully recuperate and consolidate our our training stress – then move forward both fitter and stronger.

“When you’re crazy passionate about your running ambitions, it’s ever so easy to constantly worry and second-guess your training plan, not just when making the plan but during sessions . . ‘Should I be pushing faster . . . Should I be running slightly-slower but longer intervals. . Should I train doubles or longer singles etc?  This leads to unnecessary stress and can wind up stealing the fun out of running! 

In my experience most runners when not sure if they should push harder or focus on recovery will nearly always decide to push harder – often facing weeks of feeling fatigued and weak as a result, severely restricting their potential in the process”.

I focus heavily on strength training, and injury prevention alongside well structured progressive endurance training – the strength training not only makes you a more economical runner but it makes you far more resilient athlete, training consistently without injury is a must if you want to reach your potential.

During the world run expedition I covered the equivalent of 622 marathons back-back with zero ‘over use injuries’ this wasn’t a lucky fluke but the result of years of running-specific-strength training, designed to strengthen not only muscles but tendons and ligaments also.


How does online coaching work?


First we’ll have a consultation call in order to really clarify your goal/s, your past experience and your current level of fitness – we’ll then discuss how realistic your goal is and what level of support you will require to reach this in the timeframe you desire.

We will then plan and adjust your training sessions on a minimum of a weekly basis, communicating via e-mail and or voice message, occasionally I may require you to send short video clips of your training.

Depending upon which level of support you choose we will also have Skype calls either once monthly or twice monthly.

There are 3 levels of support available depending upon how much communication you require:

Level 1

Contact: Email/voice message support up to twice per week

+ 1 Skype call per month

$150 set up fee/consultation

$200 Monthly

Suitable for the more advanced/experienced runner with a history of few injuries.

Level 2

Contact: Email/voice message support up to three times per week

+ 1 Skype call per month

$150 set up fee/consultation

$265 Monthly

Most Suitable package for the majority of recreational runners looking to push their performances to the next level.


Level 3

Contact: Email/voice message support up to five times per week

+ 2 Skype Calls per month

+ SMS support on week days

$150 set up fee/consultation

$325 Monthly

Package most Suitable for a runner really pushing towards a big PB/event.



All coaching requires a minimum commitment of 3 months

Athletes committing to 6+ Months coaching will receive a 10% discount

Please note coaching availability is currently extremely limited, to see if it’s possible to begin coaching with Kevin please use the contact form here